TO: Corporate Learning, Training, Technology and Higher Education Colleagues
FROM: Elliott Masie, Chair, The Learning CONSORTIUM

The MOOC (a Massive Open Online Course) is a highly publicized and fascinating education innovation experiment growing in the world of higher education. Can you imagine offering a learning experience that thousands of your employees (or even customers) can access, with collaboration and community elements? 

The MASIE Center and The Learning CONSORTIUM are organizing a deep dive Symposium and LAB to explore the role of MOOCs as a new element in Corporate and Workplace Learning. This is our second Symposium on this changing topic, after a sell-out event in April 2014. We will collaboratively explore:

M is for MASSIVE:Can we scale learning activities to hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of workers?

O is for OPEN:
Can we leverage and adapt Open content from TED, Universities and User-Created Sources?

O is for ONLINE:
Can we design and structure On-Line Delivery, Community and Support for massive programs?

C is for ???:
Does the C stand for Credit, Certification, Collaboration, Cost, Competency or Compliance?

MOOCs & Corporate Learning: Symposium & LAB will explore the reality, opportunity, hype, technology, partnering options and futures of MOOCs at the workplace.  

We will discuss, debate and brainstorm every aspect of adapting the MOOC model to worker and workplace learning. We will examine how MOOCs are being developed and deployed by organizations including Yahoo! and other innovative companies and government agencies.


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Yours in Learning,